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Welcome to the Independence Car Club Website! 

We are a brand new car club that was formed in 2016 and located in the south suburbs of Chicago, Illinois.  This club is one of the first car clubs to have an all women board!  We are dedicated to organization, listening, event coordinating, bringing back fun to a car club and always giving to charities!

The purpose of the Independence Car Club is to encourage preservation, restoration, and use of any vehicles you have a passion for!

All vehicles of any age or condition are welcome at our club events and may become members.  You don't even need to own a car to belong. You do need to enjoy vehicles and social fellowship with people who also enjoy vehicles and helping others.   All you have to have is a passion for anything on wheels and everything about them! 

We will even have a category for daily drivers at our car shows because we know that a lot of people keep their daily drivers clean and nice!

Independence Car Club is a true non-for-profit car club and donates to charities, the needy, even within our own club and helping the surrounding communities.

This is a club that embraces members suggestions and their opinions.  Here, everyone has a voice and will be heard!  All great ideas and suggestions are voted on and followed through to accomplish that goal.  Every member has a role in this club!

Independence Car Club's goal is to be a car club that is independent in formalities like no other car club!

Independence Car Club is bringing back fun and enjoyment to our meetings, events, charities and our annual gatherings!

Sounds exciting to you? Make sure to click the Join Us button for an application!


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