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Independence car club we will have a mandatory meeting June 22, 2018 at 6pm at McDonald's on the corner of Rt 30 and Western Ave in Olympia Fields.

This is a mandatory meeting! We have so many events that need to be scheduled but we need club opinions and voting on these! Please come to this meeting! One of the topics is that we have been contacted my a media production company and they would like to film us! We have to know who will participate. Also A parade would like for some of our cars to participate but also the leading cars will carry their honorable people! We have Touch a Truck in Valpo and we need a head count! There is a lot to discuss! We need all members at this meeting please! After our meeting the owner of McDonlad's, Randy will meet with us after our meeting!

MINUTES: April 29, 2018


Reminder about our first cruise night on May 20, 2018. All members should dress in a 50s costume, since this is a themed event. Our first cruise will be a 50's sock-hop.


We will also choose one date per month as a themed event.


Alice from Tequila Sports Bar was present and handed out a car show flyer for Cinco de Mayo.


Bill, owner of Pearl Dodge in Peotone would like Independence Car Club to put on a car show at Pearl Dodge and the club agreed to do this car show on September 15, 2018. President, Brenda will contact Bill to make sure this date works for Pearl Dodge.


President, Brenda made announcement that new t-shirts have been ordered.


At our next meeting on May 18, 2018, we will discuss the preparation of our first cruise night and assign members their duties for that event. No member will be stuck at their post for the whole event. We will rotate members so that everyone can enjoy the events.


Website and Facebook is updated and will be updated as Events are scheduled.


Reminder that yearly dues are going to be due at our next meeting on May 18, 2018.



Items discussed:

We voted and have a full members board!
President: Brenda Urbaszewski

Vice-President: Rosa Acevedo

Secretary: Marie Hefner

Sergeant at Arms: Jeanee Trevino and George Evans


Car Cruise Schedule for 2018 will be every Sunday at Dean Gyros located at 162 West Sauk Trail, South Chicago Heights, Illinois from May 20, 2018 - October 28, 2018


Club has decided that once a month, the club will have a "themed" car cruise in the 2018 car season. Our first cruise on May 20, 2018 will be a "50's sock-hop" theme.


Scheduled car shows were discussed and placed on our calendar.


Club events will have assigned members to work the events but we will rotate members so not only one person is working the whole event. There will be shifts so that members can also enjoy the event.


Club members working the vents will wear a safety vest when working the event so that guests will know who to approach for any questions or concerns.


Thank you everyone who came to the meeting and particiapted!





Thank you everyone who came to the meeting last night! Items discussed were...

Our next meeting is January 14, 2018 at 6pm at Dean Gyros.


We will be voting on Jan 14, 2018, for the positions of Secretary and Sgnt at Arms. Our nominee for Secretary so far is Marie Hefner. Our nominee for Sgnt at Arms are George Evans and Jeanee LaFond Trevino.


Yes we are opening our board to our male members this year! If you are nominating someone for these open positions, please talk to them first to make sure they will accept the position for the year 2018! If they are willing to accept then contact Rosa or Brenda so we can add them to the ballot. We will vote at the meeting on Jan 14, 2018.

We are having a members appreciation party for the end of the season at Tequila Sports Bar in Sauk Village on Sauk Trail on December 29th which is a Friday starting at 6 p.m. there will be free food, cash bar, music and lots more. Come have some fun!


We also discussed the many car show events and car cruises that are already scheduled for 2018. Our calendar is getting full quick.


Many new ideas have been brought to the table in regards to how to improve are car show events and cruises for 2018. Many members had some wonderful ideas that we will Implement and try for 2018.


As for the main topic of our meeting in regards to the family that we have adopted for Christmas, a card was passed around where members have signed and an envelope was also passed around where everyone who attended the meeting tonight donated monetary donations to this family. We are holding the envelope open for a couple more days, so if you want to donate please contact us immediately. Thank you all for all your donations!


Meeting was adjourned.


2018 Independence Car Club