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2018 Independence Car Club Board Members:
President - Brenda Vice-President - Rosa Secretary - Marie Sergeant of Arms - George
We accept daily cars because we know how some daily driver cars are kept in an exceptional way!
At our car shows there will be a daily driver car trophy or prize!
Brenda Urbaszewski, President
 Dodge Charger

Rosa Acevedo, Vice President drives her husband's Eddie Acevedo's
1972 Plymouth Roadrunner in his memory

Eddie bought his 1972 Plymouth Roadrunner brand new in 1971 right off the trailer  coming into the dealer for $3,100.00! He knew that he had to have it as soon as he saw it. He used to race it at U.S. 30 Drag strip and had a great time back in the 70’s until they closed the track.  He then drove it as his daily work car until 1989. His car sat in the back yard until 2000.

Eddie and I got married in 1996 and with a little boost and knowing that I had a passion for muscle cars was a huge as Eddie's, we built our garage and started the great restore that took Eddie over 10 years! It was very difficult to find parts so Eddie had to hand fabricate a lot of the body.  He shortened the rear end and added 33x26.5x15 inch Mickey Thompson tires and the wheelie bars. Eddie did all the mechanical and body work himself and I diligently searched the internet for parts. 

Once the initial work was done, Eddie drove it with primer for about 4 years and still managed to win trophies at car shows! We finally were able to have it custom painted in a wine color and Eddie and I have enjoyed cruising this car every chance we get!

Unfortunately, Eddie passed away on August 26, 2017 of a massive heart attack. With great love and a promise I made to Eddie I will drive and show our Roadrunner in  his memory and honor.


Steve & Marie (Club Secretary) Hefner
1965 Plymouth Barracuda

I bought my car when I was 16 yrs from the original owner. The body is all original so what you see is all from 1965 including the paint!!! I have all the paper work from 1965 for any work done on it. Since I has bought the car, I have put a larger motor in it and have redone everything under the hood and under the car, but still owns the original 273 motor which sits in the garage. This car defiantly has its history, I met my wife, Marie the same year I bought my car and we've enjoyed 30 years of cruising in it & working on it together, we look forward to many more.


George Evans (Sgt. at Arms)
1967 Chevy Camaro
Tamela Jasper-Nathan
Ed Nathan
1993 Chevy Camaro



Josh Fonseca Sr.
1970 Chevy Chevelle & 2003 Mach 1 Mustang

Big block 427 out of a 1969 corvette cam heads intake 4 speed car 456 rear end got the car in 1989. Big block 427 out of a 1969 corvette cam heads intake 4 speed car 456 rear end got the car in 1989. There was a time in my life, I never thought I would see my son Josh Fonseca Jr. Drive this car, I got sick lost 5 years of my life, and thanks to my family, friends, and especially God that I got to see it and I hope my Grandson Xavier and my son's children will also enjoy it as much as I do.

My son and I had found the Mach on Autotrader. I wanted another toy other than the Chevelle. I wanted something aggressive and beautiful and we came across the car. We called the owner and took the drive to Bloomington. When we got there the car didn't wow us but what did wow us was what was under the hood and we thought about how far my son’s red mustang has come. I realized he can work with the car so after all the thinking it only took one ride. The Mach has a p1sc procharger with a kenne bell pulley kit and massive fuel injectors including massive fuel pumps. The car was set at 10 psi pushing 525 rwhp the car came with a SCT hand held tuner so we can change the power in the push of a button so because of that power the car came with aftermarket suspension, 373 gear, and subframe connectors. The car sold my son and I on the drive and we drove it home that day. We never experienced anything like that car and it's creating nothing but great memories. This car proves new school can hang with old school.

Josh Fonseca Jr.  - 1995 Mustang GT

My Dad bought me this car my junior year of high school. It started off as just a nice and quiet car but my Dad and I wanted it sounding better. The car already had a b303 cam and a 373 gear we installed a BBK off road x pipe for that more aggressive sound. We then replaced the stock heads with gt40p heads and installed a 65mm BBK Edelbrock throttle body with a BBK cold air intake. This is my first car and it's very special to my father and I because it's something we did together. And we continue to better the car.

Thomas Perry
1969 Dodge Dart
Brian Perry - Camaro
Justin Urbaszewski - Charger
John and Rosa Babiarz - 1995 Chevy Cheyenne Truck

John and Rosa Babiarz’s, 1995 Chevy Cheyenne bought in 2010 for, $1500 as everyday driver and project. 

Our truck now has rebuilt stock 350, 5.7 liter engine, with all new brake system and break lines. I recently upgraded sound system with more to come. It is a fun project and everyday truck for now.


Ray Neuliep - 1967 Plymouth Barracuda

There were twenty-two thousand of them made. This car came out of Georgia originally. I got it in 2009. It was just a painted shell no trans. no motor, no interior. Only thing in engine compartment was the wiper motor.  

The engine and transmission are out of a 1978 Dodge half ton truck.  

Took me 1.5 years to get it drivable and what it looks like now.


Brian Neuliep
1978 Dodge D100 Truck

Brought back from Waco Texas about 20 years ago. Was originally a 360 has been changed over to a big block 440.  The original 360 was donated to my fathers Baracuda project. Paint was done 10 years ago and has now become my Sunday cruiser.


Daniel and Melissa Negrete
1987 Corvette Coupe

I have a1987 Corvette Coupe which I bought back in 2010 after I graduated from ITT TECHNICAL INSTITUTE. I have done so many upgrades over the seven years I've had it. From engine, a/c, headers etc. I’ve have replaced wheel bearings, rotors, suspension, rims tires to repainting my hood to add racing stripes down the side of fender and down the middle of hood. 2017 will be the year my car will have a different look all the way around from new carpet to door panel his 87 corvette was once was and will be in 2017.

Robert "Mac" McFarland
1953 Studebaker Commander
Alice Sunn
1980 Pontiac Firebird & 1988 Ford Mustang
Jerry Meyers
1972 Buick Skylark & 1969 Buick Electra & 1976 Buick Electra
Jim Venditti
2003 Chevy Corvette & 1981 Pontiac TransAm
Jessie Lopez
2001 Black Mustang Saleen
Eric & Lisa Stanton
1963 Chevy Impala & 2005 Ford Red Mustang
Don Garcia
2007 Chevy Corvette


Eric Kubiak
1983 Mercury Capris RS
Nina Rose Garcia
Chrysler 300

Dave Bartlett
2017 Volvo v60 Pulestar & Motorcycle

Bought Volvo in May 2017.
Upgraded turbo charger. Brembo brakes Ohlin shocks and Stiffer coil springs.


Isela and Ryan Ramos
Dodge Challenger
John "Buckoff"
Chuck Johnstone
1972 Chevy Corvette

Nathel Webster
1999 Mercedes Benz M-55





























John Janowiak
1979  Triumph Spitfire

When I first got my 1979 Spitfire the clutch did not work. The clutch like so many had the dot 4 fluid dried up to a white yuk. I rebuilt the master cylinder and replaced the slave cylinder. I replaced the DOT
4 fluid with DOT 5. Then I found out that the clutch was frozen. After reading several ideas on how to free it I set it on jack stands and put it in gear, started it and kept revving it up and applying the brakes, well it worked the clutch broke free. I drove it this way the first year, but the clutch was starting to slip. I now had my winter project.

I replaced the clutch, twice, I put it in backwards
the first time, throw out bearing, and the pin that it pivots on. Success it did not slip any more. But every time I drove the car I would run out 4th gear and it wanted another gear. On the hi-way it needed an over drive or a 5 speed to feel right. After reading about
the trouble some were having with the over drive, I decided on the 5 speed. I know it not original but it’s what I wanted. Yes, another winter project.

I got the Frontline conversion kit from Quantumechanics.The kit came with:
Directions, always good.
A rebuilt Ford Type-9 trans.
An adaptor plate that fits the 5 speed to the Triumph bell housing.
All hardware required for the conversion.
A new drive shaft,
A new clutch kit,
A new pilot bushing,
A new speedo cable,
A new trans mount,
A new shifter,
A new tunnel. I did not need this I adapted my plastic one.
A new tunnel carpet, black, I did not use this I used the plush carpet from Spitbits.

I removed the entire interior since I was going to replace it after the 5 speed was in. I took the 4 speed out through the inside of car, I
did not pull the motor. I had to drop the exhaust to remove the drive shaft. Since the trans was out and the flywheel off I also replaced the rear engine seal, after all it was 29 years old. I put in the new pilot bushing and put the flywheel back on. While putting the flywheel on I found end play in the crank so I also replaced the thrust washers while I was at it.

Next was adapting the new 5 speed to the old bell housing.
I removed the bell housing from the 4 speed along with the release bearing. Fitting the new adapter plate to the 5 speed and the Triumph bell housing required transferring 2 holes and drilling clearance holes for the bolts into the bell housing and cutting clearance in the bell housing, about an 1/8” had to come off of the new adaptor plate where the slave cylinder goes.

Install new clutch. I made a clutch alignment tool, the one for the old 4 speed was to small.

When trying to install the new 5 speed into the Spit it did not clear the tunnel below the hand brake. To get the 5 speed in with out cutting the sheet metal below the hand brake I loosened up the motor mounts. This gave me the 1⁄4” I needed to clear the tunnel. It lined up well and went in just like the old 4 speed.

Installed the new trans mount. The plate for the trans mount did not line up to the old holes so I drilled new holes in the trans mount plate.

I installed the slave cylinder into the new adapter plate. The Slave cylinder is held in with one setscrew, I used lock tight on the setscrew.

Installing the new drive shaft. I extended the wires for the back up lights.
I hooked up the new speedo cable, a notch had to be cut in the floor pan by the tunnel to get the clearance for the cable. The speedo will need to be calibrated but for now I will use a GPS.

I did a clutch bleeding. Then I cut the old paper tunnel to see how to adapt my plastic original tunnel to fit the new shifter, the new shifter position is 2” aft of the original 4 speed shifter. I cut the tunnel just in front of the hole for the shifter and added a 2” piece of sheet aluminum so the shifter hole would line up with the shifter. The tunnel fit well I made sure it was sealed well. I also insulated it with bubble wrap sandwiched between foil. I also did the floor and bulk head with this. This insulation made the inside quieter and cooler.

My new 5 speed was in, but to take it for a true test drive I had to finish the interior, so I just put in the drivers seat and off I went. Driving at 60mph in 5th gear the rpms are only 2800-2900. All I can say is WOW this is a different car. The 5 speed is quiet and smooth shifting and solid.

Now all I had left to do was install the new interior I got from SpitBits,
, last year. I worried that the carpet would not fit around the tunnel because with the 5 speed the shifter is 2” aft of the original location. I used the plush carpet from SpitBits and it fit the extended tunnel very well. I was also able to use the knee pads, a tight fit but they look good. As you can see by the photos the interior looks original, you need to look close to tell that the shifter moved 2” aft.

I also own a 2003 C5 Z06 Corvette.

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